Monday, February 27, 2012

Swan vibrators: The trumpeter swan

A slender touch of perfection

We bought this quite a while ago... actually one small slave did... which might account for why it isn't enormous, lockable, steel or just plain scary to look at. And ever since that momentous event... it was the first time one has ever actually bought a sex toy... and one even managed to look past its neon pinkness... it has sat in its box due to lack of time. Well today was its day to shine or at least be charged up J

The pros:
  • It is actually really quiet... not silent, but definitely discrete
  • Waterproof... it can actually be used in a bath. Just imagine the possibilities, if you had a bath
  • Silicone... what else with that pesky latex allergy
  • Double ended with separate controls
  • Has a press and hold feature so if you want more speed you just press down
  • Rechargeable and has an easy to find water protected port
  • Has its own transformer/ adaptors to make it suitable for travel 

The cons:
  • It's pink
  • Doesn't have any pulse mechanism so all you get is vibration... which isn't necessarily a bad thing 

Now what made one small slave scamper out and pay that much money for a sex toy you may be wondering...
Ah, well... it feels fabulous. From the velvety feel of the silicone to the curve that is completely ergonomic, it is a sex toy designed for a woman. It is light enough to not make the hand ache, but still has enough weight in the end that you aren't doing all the work. That long neck is flexible and the small head gets to all those interesting spots including the G-spot. The thick end is just a perfect size for insertion; while that narrow neck allows the muscles to grab onto it so it doesn't slide out of its own volition... you are getting the idea. In fact that shape makes the possibilities almost endless. 

Oh and that lack of pulse... honestly with a button you can just press down until you have the right amount of vibration.... oooooh.
Shall we say money well spent?


Unknown said...

Nice... Is it in the US?

Master's piece said...

Not sure, now one did read somewhere that it wasn't available in North America, but you can get a Vanity Vr9 Nesse by Jopen. It is the same thing by all accounts and available from Good Vibrations.
Don't ask why, no idea. The Swan is a Canadian product... perhaps they don't like you :D

Unknown said...

wouldn't be the first canadian not to like me :D

Master's piece said...

Oh and just an FYI the American version is purple... you lucky bitches :)

Travis Mathew said...

Nice,.... Sexual satisfaction doesn’t come from being surrounded by stale air - it comes from the tight, moist grip of a woman. Get hard and ready the way nature intended: with vibrator or other