Saturday, July 30, 2011

Does not compute

Life round here is hectic, which is strange when you consider that we only work four days a week. In fact we were just talking about this with a sense of wonder... well more disbelief really. The trouble is that when you tack gym onto two of those days, by the time one gets home they are twelve hour days so far. Getting home at in the late evening leaves two hours to cook dinner and eat it (which is often the first time one has stopped moving since a half hour lunch break), get things ready for Him and shower before bed.

The other two working days begin and end with Him... literally. Any spare time is spent running around doing domestic stuff (that last jar of domestic fairies we got are just useless) and a bit of blogging. Honestly one looks at some of the slaves that seem to spend hours on a computer with envy. All one can manage on the group at the moment is the odd quick quip and one liners.

Even our days off are spent... well that is usually quite well documented, apart from stuffing house work and more gym in there. Life just feels like we are speeding down a hill and picking up momentum. And worst of all they seem to have forgotten to install brakes in this particular cart. There isn't even an abort mission button L

While one would just love to say this is a symptom of the modern life, in truth one can point to the real culprit with accuracy. It is the seven odd hours a week spent in the gym that is the time sucker. That the thing essential to health and mental well being is the biggest cause of stress in one's life is not without irony. In fact it deserves a cartoon in its own right... and there probably is one out there... not that one actually has time to look for it.

So what is the point to this ramble you may be wondering? Well this is by way and explanation and apology to the friends who are neglected out there. Please don't think someone else has taken your place... you are all neglected equally. Though you may be pleased to know that one can now curl a 10kg dumbbell with ease. Yeah one would rather be chatting to you too L

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Dina said...


I knew this was for me, and those alike, before I got to the last paragraph. I suppose you are ... forgiven. ;)