Monday, July 4, 2011

Domestic day

Well not so much domestic as chores that have been put off. He needed new work trousers, has done for a while, but putting his knee through them the other night sealed the deal. He hates clothes shopping with a fiery passion. So while He was trapped in the changing room and in the mood cough, cough one managed to coax him into some shorts for summer as well. The reality is that His favourite shorts are going the way of the trousers.

After that we stopped off to get some beautiful prawns and oysters for... well either a very late lunch or an early dinner... it was a tossup by then. Coming around the corner from the marina one noticed that the shark had been clipped so we stopped to get a quick picture... 'cos where else would you see something like this monument to topiary J

After that He had great plans... well so he says. The reality was that He was out like a light before either of us had a chance. See even in an O/p relationship there is a greater authority than Him. Your body will gazump you every chance it gets L


SBF said...

I am going to ask because I always see it but never knew what it was...what is O/p?

littlemonkey said...

Hmmm, That sounds vaguely risque if you say it right... Clipping the shark.

Master's piece said...

@SBF Owner/property :)
@littlemonkey It sounds downright dangerous ;)