Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Standing at the bus stop one noticed a car zip by and thought that looks like His car. It turned round the roundabout and slid to a stop in front of one. A window rolled down and His head appeared asking how much? It was on the tip of the tongue to say a lift home and can you call in sick... over the idea of work already. Instead one accepted the offer of a lift to work with far more delight than going there warranted.

Driving along, wrapped up in the thrill of seeing Him one failed to notice His hand snaking out to finger one through the trousers. There is something about that car... you end up braced the right way, His angle is the right one and his aim is spot on. It makes one cum before one has time to think about it... usually more than once.

I suppose you've had breakfast He asked conversationally. Yes, but there is always room for coffee. Really one just wanted to prolong the contact with Him... it is such a treat. So we stood in line while He whispered lewd suggestions about finding one of those generous sized disabled toilets for a quickie. An offer one respectfully declined... we were both in work uniforms and His work place has a tendency to frown on its employees acting in inappropriate ways. Thankfully He didn't just frogmarch one off into one.

All of these distractions are how one found oneself sitting outside work putting on the face... something normally done in transit to work. A fact that causes many customers great mirth... as one always says if one can do this in a moving vehicle imagine what you can do with tools and time. Besides doing it on the move allows for an extra half cup of coffee... not to be underestimated on the need stakes at times.

After work which was long and dull, He was there to whisk one away. He had stayed, gone shopping and to the movies... The bastard went and saw "Transformers"... sobs quietly. We stopped off for new frilly knickers on the way out... and so somewhat mollified... we went to Zorbas for some of their extraordinary pizza. We ended the day with a panty parade... well you have to check how they look and fit. Though one was a little unsure why He had to see if a hand will fit in them.

He ended the day masturbating while one squatted over his face. It seems that room was needed, as was a certain level of sheerness, so that He could watch one masturbate through the opaque net. Silly, silly slave... one really should learn to anticipate these things better. It would save a lot wondering...

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