Saturday, July 16, 2011

The imposition of ego

Rule breakers are interesting people. They can be found in any social group at any point in history. In society they occur for a number of reasons, not all of them inherently bad. The anarchistic who hope or work for revolution for the betterment of society being one such example. Then there is the other kind, the ones who resent the imposition rules make on their perceived freedoms. Our group on Fet gets a few of the latter kind.

The divine egoists that truthfully believe that rules don't apply to them because what they have to say is more important than any rule. In fact they are doing you a service. What they don't seem to understand is help like that is right up there with pre-emptive service... and we all know how well that turns out. Personally one looks at these helpful people and wonders what they are like away from the keyboard. What are they like in their BDSM relationship?

They are out there why else would we have terms for this type; brats, SAMS, PITA's. We have evolved or stolen, usually not in the clinical sense, terms to cover this behaviour; they are acting out, exhibiting reactance or testing their boundaries. They do it for a myriad of reasons; they fear the loss of control or they are testing that the one in charge is worthy. In truth what they are doing is imposing their ego on the people around them.

We all have ego... to some greater of lesser degree. It does have some benefits... right up until it starts to take over and tries to impose its views on others. Then it just becomes exhausting to deal with. If you have to fight someone on every little thing, the person dealing with it is eventually going to get jack of it. Which means the egoist is going to spend a lot of time shoved in a gag or gets dumped on the doorstep. Rather like in the group... J

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