Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taking a turn for the strange

Sitting on the bus it was something of a surprise when we suddenly headed right instead of straight ahead. We proceed in a route that circled around until we ran parallel with our normal course before finally rejoining our bus route. All of this neatly sidestepping half a dozen bus stops and gaining 10 minutes.

It also resulted in a couple of passengers walking along, no doubt headed for the bus stop, to start around in shock before waving at the bus frantically. Fortunately he was one of the nicer ones and so he stopped. A small mercy that the passengers were grateful for, as they know only too well what some of the drivers are like. Even someone as pedantic as oneself thinks of a couple of them as rules Nazis L

All of this aggravation was caused by the Jetty to Jetty run. An annual event that, rather like some of the cycling and charity walks, closes a couple of roads. Every time it is the same roads that are closed and every time there is an alternative bus route. Now logic would dictate that the bus company would have the same alternative route. Not our bus company, you see they like to keep things fresh for the passengers.  

See for every event our bus company likes to rise to the challenge and find an alternative route that has never been used before. To be honest one always imagines them huddled over their maps going- oh we did that last year... if we go this way we will miss one more stop. The route is never posted, there are never any notices put up in bus shelters or buses... it is like a mystery event... guess where your bus is going to be. It is a game all the commuters can play L

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