Friday, July 22, 2011

Long as God can grow it

There are a multitude of debates on Fet this week about hair. More specifically the removal of hair... at the request/ order of a master or owner. The responses are interesting. Most fall into the hell no category.

It is also interesting that many of the no camp identify as slaves or owned. Obviously their being owned only extends to their hair line. From that point onwards all bets are off... judging by the amount that say they will walk if pushed. Now let us not digress into their arguments about there is no one twoo way... and let us consider both the hair and the arguments against its removal.

Historically being shorn of one's locks was used by a lot of religious orders, and still is used by the armed forces. It is an act that symbolises letting go of old ways and beliefs. It signified new beginnings where you are no longer the person you were. More importantly it lets the recipient understand in no uncertain manner that they belonged to something other than their personal whims.

Now let us look at some of the arguments being used which honestly one doesn't get nor the vehemence being used;
"It's ugly!"
Oh sweetie honestly if you are that superficial, you are just going to love getting older... or sick.

"We aren't into that sort of stupid power trip".
Of course you aren't... no one gives an order if they don't think it will be followed or that they can't back up. If you keep waving the walk card, you both know who is in charge. And it ain't your owner... quelle surprise.

And the personal favourite... drum roll...
"It would damage me psychologically".
Blink. How do you get through life you poor trembling flower of submission? Oh right... you have obviously never been traumatised before. Otherwise you would have realised that the human psyche is a hell of a lot more flexible than you imagine. Well certainly resilient enough to survive a hair cut at any rate.

Mind you one does come at this from a different angle... yes, yes a meaner, snarkier one... Having had hair that was shorn, except for one Alfalfa style curl, and having hair that will grow half an inch in six weeks one knows that nothing lasts forever... least of all a haircut. Let us also not forget that having inherited the family silver since the age of 21, one is also acutely aware that when the time comes to dispose with colour... honestly the relationship with colour has lasted longer than this relationship... the easiest way to revert will be to get the whole bloody lot cut off. Preferably in summer...
Hint, hint for the future J


littlemonkey said...

How odd, I was just considering disposing of my color in exactly that way. I've only had mine since I was 27. I like bald, I think on a nicely shaped head bald is beautiful, regardless of the sex of the billiard ball (obviously i have no problem with a meaner snarkier angle).

Dina said...

You can go to my FL profile to look at my current do, as well as spot grey streaking all over my head. How I feel about the cutting--I'm sure you've read on the ongoing thread in our group. How I feel about dyeing--you can see in my commentary to the photo.

As for "ugly"--that's just a load of bull. There are numerous women who look better with short haircuts and become ugly old matrons with long hair.

lil said...

"We aren't into that sort of stupid power trip".

lmao. That's it, now I know why I'm in a relationship that involves power exchange--because I'm not into someone else telling me what to do. At all. Ever. Unless I really want to do it of course.