Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The plan

It was a simple kinky idea... straitjacket on, Hitachi in its support saddle and off we go. That was the plan and you have to admit the visuals in your head are kind of hot. Now this is where once again fantasy and reality collide. Like so many things when reality steps in...

Firstly the straitjacket being leather really needs to be broken in. Like all leather it will stretch with wear and mould to the body; a thing that couldn't be done until now due to the weather. So He puts it on, fiddles around adjusting the straps so it fits properly (unlike in the picture) and one very erotic idea turns into a stiff, uncomfortable reality. It pushes on the collar and one can't breathe, and it produces a strange sense of claustrophobia and then the lungs joined the party. They decided to start coughing... ever tried that in a straitjacket?

When you have heart surgery they used to (don't know if they still do) teach you to wrap your arms around you to support everything. So check for that position... not a stitch would have been strained. Where it got more complicated is that one was lying down at the time for a little oral warm up. Um... it is not dignified to be picked up by the breast straps and be hauled into a sitting position nor is it sexy, even if the coughing is so bad you can't actually sit up by yourself L

So when the coughing subsided He thought we might as well move onto the Hitachi. Good call you are probably thinking. Well it is... or it would have been except for one tiny issue. You can't quite get the lean forward you need in a straight jacket due to an irksome habit of falling flat on your face. So there was the Hitachi buzzing along merrily nowhere near the right spot. In fact the more one squirmed, the more it seemed to be under the directions of some malign spirit... one that was not giving orgasms.

In the end He took off the jacket and we did it old school... naked and on our backs, with liberal applications of nipple torture and a side of Hitachi. He wants one to remember him tomorrow at work, which is why the nipples are getting so much attention. Several screaming orgasms in a row later and sore, bruised body parts we lay there replete. There is a lot to be said for manual systems J

It has been decided that the straitjacket is going to be worn in nice non-sexual ways to break it in and to get used to the odd sensation of suffocation it seems to induce... which was completely unexpected. So one small slave is going to be strapped in it while watching TV... sort of a getting to know you social time. Though one does have to wonder who is going to get drinks and snacks... 'cos one is pretty sure a straight jacket exempts you. Mind you one won't be able to make a play for the remote either. This could end badly...

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