Friday, July 1, 2011

Simple economics

He came in and said, I've been thinking about the foot. Umm... yes? It would be cheaper to get the foot done. Blink umm... OK? Yes. I've worked out the cost of replacing some of your clothes and shoes and it would be cheaper to have the operation. Well yes it probably would, but one really can't afford the operation and one just resents having to pay for the damn thing when we supposedly have a free health care system.

OK it's not that free if you consider that the foot is getting worse. There is no running, it has started to get the electric shock sensation the doctor mentioned and if tired, the foot just feels numb to the arch. Oh yes and the knee is starting to twinge when one walks... probably due to the change of gait as the body tries to overcompensate for the foot. Yeah, might have forgotten to mention that... ooops... it's only just started L

With the logic of governments to get this raised from a category two to a category of one, you have to be severely incapacitated. Which is fair enough, you need some way to sort cases. Except if you do become incapacitated, it still takes them a month to slot you in. That is a month on top of the six weeks recovery they estimate. There is no boss in the history of employment that is going to keep your job for nearly three months... and no one who can live that long without pay.

He looked at one as though he had never realised just how cussed one could be. You will go to the doctors and get a referral to the specialist. I want to know how much this is really going to cost (the doctor estimates about two grand... mind you he estimated six months waiting not two years so...) and I will pay for it. Peering over the computer screen one calculated the odds of using logic, gave up and said the phone call would be made on Monday.

Smiling He said, it will be easier anyway. I figure before long self preservation will kick in. You think that self preservation will take a look at these feelings of frumpiness and adjust the psyche to embrace the jeans huh? Yes I do, and I will have to retrain you back out of the damn things. You can keep the trousers and soft shoes for work though. Those court shoes on concrete floors probably did contribute to the problem. And with that He left the room.

Sighs for a guy not into sharpies and pointies He seems very keen to toss one under the knife L


Dina said...

I'm starting to realize that all this complaining, whining and disapproving frowning on your part, about every bloody thing, is just the way you express your gratitude to him. ;)

Master's piece said...

LOL Not exactly... gratitude... more disbelief at times :D