Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pavlovian rhythms

They say we are doomed to replicate our mistakes until we learn from them. It is not that we are particularly dense... OK some are... its more that humans love patterns and rhythms. Even our bodies love them and can be programmed in certain ways with very little conscious effort. Often we don't realise that we are so fixed until we change something else.

Take the body and gym; generally one hits the place about four times a week. In the past one went on the weekend for the heavy lifting component and He would pick one up on Sunday evening and we would start our weekend together. That got screwed by the timetable changes, and He started picking one up after work to save a nearly two hour trip home. It caused havoc with regularly attending gym on a Sunday.

Not only was it just hard to leave him, but He didn't help. He would whisper lewd sexual offers in one's ear... and frankly who would rather go and lift weights rather than having sex... and bribe one with offers of Zorba's excellent pizza... again who would rather go to the gym than loaf around munching pizza while watching a show. The man fights dirtier than the cat L

So to get round this one started to go to the gym on Friday after work... which is exactly what one feels like doing after what amounts to a 11 hour day by that stage... and on a Saturday. The trouble with this you may be wondering? The body is a day ahead of itself. The eyes open on a Saturday morning and the mind goes- yes, last shift. Leaving one to have to crush its dreams with the reality that there are two more shifts to crawl through. The body is not happy. Even now it is trying to convince itself that it is Sunday afternoon L

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