Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There is nothing to see here folks. Keep moving down the page.

Even we have days like this where nothing much happens. Well not nothing, more nothing of interest. Unless some of you have a housework, laundry, grocery shopping or gym fetish. In which case one can chat until your eyes bleed. 
OK, well in that case move along down J


littlemonkey said...

But I do, I do!!! Grocery shopping fetish here!

(dammit, not really, just trying to make doing it more interesting) sigh.

Master's piece said...

Face it the only thing more fun than grocery shopping is the knowledge that after it is done, and you have lugged and schlepped it inside, you are the luck person who is going to have to unpack it and put it away :(

SBF said...

I like to wash clothes but I don't like to put them away. I Like to grocery shop but I don't want to carry them in the house. I like to wash dishes but I don't like to empty the dishwasher... mmm I detect a pattern.