Friday, July 8, 2011

Crossing over

Helping mod a group is a strange thing. Often one finds oneself in the position of towing a party line or expressing things in a kinder manner than nature would dictate. There are times where even one small slave is aware of the potential impact of words on others. And there are times one would just love to be less than diplomatic... and He says no L

There are other times when bringing things into the group will serve no purpose other than to alienate, upset or distress someone... often quite inadvertently. That or one knows it is going to trigger such a flame war that The Sparkly One will never forgive or forget... let alone leave one her shoe collection. And of course there are some things that one just knows will disintegrate into that outer ring of hell known as a definition debate. Now personally one likes those, but someone always stomps off butt hurt. Mind you without this process Fet wouldn't have so many O/p groups... still think they should pay us a commission.

For those moments one has a blog... a place to come and vent, bore readers into a coma with high levels of narcissism and for readers to occasionally get a giggle, and once in a while wonder who one is writing about. It is a chance for the reader to get a glimpse of what one's life is like and to know what one thinks about things. In essence one writes about things that have no place in the group because when you mod a group, you are not free to do just what you want... unlike a blog. 

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