Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crash and burn

In other places the lovely kaya is bemoaning the fact that her arse is sore due to riding a bike rather than anything kinky. Now as one pointed out to her on Fet, if she had just been wearing her Njoy that little issue could have been solved quite neatly. Honestly though one is here to say that a sore arse is overrated L

As of this week the lift one enjoyed to work has ended, which means one has to leave the rabbit hole half an hour earlier on a Thursday. A change that will mean having to rework our Thursdays so that we can still enjoy the important things... like breakfast and sex together.  So today was a sort of trial run... one that ended with Him giving one a lift to work... OK the trial still needs some work J

Of course as with so many things the trial didn't go quite according to plan. First He came home late due to traffic. Then He took one to bed for some anal... quite a bit of it. Then we had breakfast. Followed by a lot more anal... which is where things went a little wrong one suspects in hindsight.

In fact as one came in a screaming orgasm one did mention that it was going to hurt. You know how you can have a moment of psychic prediction... that was one of them. By the time one arrived at work a sense of ennui had settled in. The clock crawled slowly, people were a nuisance, the light was too bright and the will to live was slowly slipping away. Even a little medicinal chocolate could not relieve the symptoms of the crash.

Later when one was released from purgatory, the feelings persisted. Except that one noticed just how sore the arse was from its morning workout. Sitting in the chair reading kaya's post the Njoy poked and rubbed against the swollen flesh, and it was on the tip of one's tongue to mention that having a sore arse from something other than a bike wasn't that great. At least her way had burnt a few calories... unlike the chocolate aftercare. 

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