Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday morning

We woke up late, shuffled out of bed and got dressed. The plan had been to get up early and go for a walk capped off by breakfast. Instead we did the morning in reverse and trotted round to our local hole in the wall for breakfast first. Inside away from the bright light we stuffed ourselves with excellent food, while watching the world pass by.

When we finished we descended the steps to the beach for a walk off breakfast meander. It was a much needed walk too and the weather was perfect for it. The sky was blue and the sun was warm on our backs. There were people out enjoying the day on bikes, in dinghies fishing and people dangling lines off the breakwaters. All of this peace was only occasionally marred by the truly athletic out jogging... why do women happily spend so much money on shoes and neglect to invest in a good sports bra?

In short it was a perfect morning, spoiled only by the fact that the walk back seemed so much longer. It did however give us a wonderful view of one of the strange trees that dot the landscape round here and provide a riot of large soft yellow flowers in summer. They curve in a way that forms natural tunnels and provide wonderful shelter.

Making our way back home we spent the rest of the day lounging around, one of us in the bloody straitjacket, while He tortured his favourite playthings with some nipple enhancers (small rings that slip over the nipples to keep them erect and increasingly sore). Apparently the instructions to "not leave them on for extended times" were a bit too subjective for someone's liking. Though He did finally agree that blue is not a natural colour for a nipple L

The day was finished up with a little anal, a couple of orgasms and drifting off to sleep... a perfect way to end a day. 

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Dina said...

So, I'm sitting in the doctor's office, waiting my turn and reading your blog (to, both, catch up and kill time). The tale paints a really serene picture and I'm enjoying the mental image of it (despite my personal loathing of morning) ... until the sraight jacket comes up, followed by the nipple rings.

I laughed out loud, turning heads as per usual. It was impossible not to laugh--the expression you must've had at all of this, even writing about it ... it was just too funny to not fully enjoy it with the appropriate sound in tow.

It's little things like that why I love your writing so much.