Saturday, August 10, 2013

Death traps

We went out with our vanillas to their favourite Indian restaurant for dinner. It was divine. The restaurant was intimate, the menus were old school book style with beautiful writing, the napkins were bound with pretty glitzy napkin rings and the food was to die for. Even the wine, which her husband was in charge of, was perfect... which did make one wonder about the time they went out together to chose wine... those selections may not have been the mini-me's fault.

Everything about the evening was perfect... except for one little detail. It was a nagging persistent little detail. In fact even the larger proportion of the wine couldn't overcome that detail... 
The cause of all the consternation you may be wondering.
It was the shoes.
He chose them... actually he chose the dress as well.
And they were perfect.
The right colour, the right style, the right amount of fun
They were also the most uncomfortable shoes in the history of shoes.
They hurt everything
The calves, the Achilles tendon, the toes... oh gods the toes may never recover
Fortunately when we went out to buy shoes for the dress He chose a pair and so did one small slave. They might not have been so cute, but damn they will be more comfortable J


ancilla_ksst said...

Poor feet! Some days I am so glad my Master doesn't have a thing for high heels. I even offered to buy and learn to walk in them this week and he said no, boots or flat sandals would be fine.

Fondles said...

i often go about dressing the other way. i buy shoes first. then i think about outfits that will match them. and if i don't have anything then i go out and get clothes to match. it's easier to be comfortable in one's shoes that way.

and if i buy an outfit, i make damned sure i already have shoes that will go with it.

Master's piece said...

@Fondles To be honest one goes about it both ways... but then one does have a small shoe problem :D