Friday, August 2, 2013

In unrelated ponderings

Weird shit turns up in our inbox all the time, but some of it makes you wonder what is going on in people's heads. One such offering is a loyalty programme for a department store. It is an email to inform one small slave to fashion that not only has one earned a reward card, but that one is being upgraded to a new silver loyalty card to "truly reflect this account status". For years they just sent you a sticker that you stuck on your card.

Now being of cynical persuasion one can't help but look at this missive and reflect that not only has one has obviously spent way too much money there during this weight loss thing, but that one has been systematically spending too much money there for some time. Even with only buying sale items this last year one has still hit their benchmark for spending. Mind you there is certain mirth in wondering what happens if one doesn't make that grade next time. There is this dancing vision of them trying to confiscate the card next time it is handed over...

Really though what amuses one the most is the idea the damn thing is meant to mean something. That it is meant to mean enough that one is invested in keeping that piece of plastic and will do anything, read spend a prerequisite sum, to keep it. There is this implicit idea in their thinking that such an item has some sort of prestige. And that the lucky recipient will become emotionally invested in its ownership.

The last time one looked the department store wasn't that prestigious. In fact it has declined over the years to become known for the impossibility of finding service due to its skeleton staffing policy. Worst of all, out in the real world and behind the scenes, it has garnered a nasty reputation for being one of the worst employers of all the big boys. And given some of the stunts those guys have collectively pulled over the years, that is something of an achievement... er... not the good kind might one hasten to add.

Sighs maybe it is time to rethink one's habits as a consumer K

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