Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Putting a bag of dried figs on the conveyer belt at the supermarket, one gave Him a meaningful stare and stated "mine" in an emphatic tone. See figs are one of those fruits that one small slave is inordinately fond of. The trouble is so is He.  The difference is that He saves his for the free day while one is inclined to nibble them when a sweet tooth is driving one to distraction. Of course there is the odd time that He has been known to flitch one or two, which has historically led to half a packet disappearing under not very mysterious circumstances.

He smiled down on one and moving closer said oh really? Figuring it was safe, after all we were in a supermarket, what could He do, one nodded firmly and said really! He moved closer and slid the icy cold bottle of coke zero that was in his hand, up the back of one's rather naked leg and said are you sure? Normally this would make one break, but summer is just round the corner. The cold bottle felt rather good. Really one repeated firmly.

He moved the bottle to the front of the thigh and slid it further up the leg. Again... not that cold any more... the sensation was quite pleasant. In fact feeling quite bold the mouth opened and the words "you can't make me" slid out. Realising the utter folly of such a statement one hastened to mitigate the damage...

Umm... that was not and in no way meant to be construed as a challenge one hastened to clarify
That was definitely a challenge He said smirking
No, it was a mistake.  In fact one misspoke altogether
His smirk had a disbelieving cast to it

So here one is... caught between the smart thing, which is to give Him the figs, and the responsible thing by him, which is to withhold the figs for his own good. All of this is skating on that fine ice made of words...
Sighs no good is going to come of this L


ancilla_ksst said...


I mean, that is a tough spot.

lil said...

"you can't make me" Famous last words.

Nope, no good at all. Though handing over the figs would probably be a step in the right direction...