Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mail tampering

He opens every bit of electronic mail that comes to one small slave. It's not that He has some idea that one needs to be protected from the outside world. No, it's because He really is even nosier than oneself. It wouldn't be so bad, but He is also the worst social secretary on earth 'cos sometimes he just forgets to mention that one had mail. But that is not what this is about...
This is about crossing the line.

A parcel arrived today. Now, one knows this 'cos the contents of the parcel were spread across the bench when one got home. Feeling more than a little miffed one enquired as to why He felt the need to bust open the parcel that was addressed to one's self... quite clearly no doubt. His answer was a classic...

Um... did it occur to you that one might like to open it? After all one doesn't receive much in the way of mail... except bills... which He seems to deem beneath his notice.
He looked blank for a second and said no
Do you not get any pleasure from riffling through your packages when they arrive?
No. I usually know what they are He replied
So you didn't know what this was and you thought I'll open this one instead?
Well it was quite large and I thought I'd get rid of the mess.

This, from a man who suffers the worst case of domestic blindness known to any woman, anywhere...
Frankly one calls bullshit!
The man is a snoop, plain and simple K

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