Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Masterisms

We went out today to acquire new technology. For a while now the main monitor has been dying, well its capacitors have. When turned on the right screen fired up and the left one thought about it. Actually if you listened very hard you could hear it saying I think I can, I think I can. It was very distressing as you sat there with morning mouse while it chanted away, mainly because you expected it to turn around at any moment and say the computer says no.

Of course He went on the bigger is better theory and now one types this on a wall of light. The screen is so damn large that one is pressed back in the chair, as far as the arms will reach, in an endeavour to put distance between the brightness and the eyeballs. First thing... pre mouse... it is a bit much. He assures one that it will get better... read that as He loves it.

Anyway, as we were wandering around finding this technology He stopped to drool over his current lust object, a new laptop. Now generally we take turns buying major appliances and He has paid for the last couple of computers so feeling generous... read slightly guilty... OK if one is honest there was an element of self congratulation there at finding a way to end the tussle for possession of the computer in the morning... one treated him to it. Looking both surprised and delighted... well who doesn't like instant gratification... He made some rash statement about one small slave being allowed to share it.

So is that like if we both want to use it there will some fair and equitable system, whereby either one of us may not win? See after all these years one has learnt to ask for clarification when He uses strange words.
Well, no He said, with a look of distress crossing his whiskers. It means that if I don't want to use it you can.
Yeah let's just add share to that list of words that doesn't mean what He thinks it means shall we K

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ancilla_ksst said...

We were a one computer house briefly there. It was horrible. I'd come down in the morning, turn on the computer, start tea and breakfast, and just as I was ready to sit down at the now warmed up computer he'd wander down and say "Ahhhh, I see you even have the computer turned on for me." If it was a weekday, fine, he was off to work, but the weekend? My sites were going unread, blog unwritten, Fetlife unperved, Facebook neglected... horrors.