Monday, August 5, 2013

Odd responses

We had to go out today to get the new glasses adjusted. This time one didn't let the assistant near them and got the master to do them. A twitch here, a tug there and they fitted like a glove. The man is a near genius with metal and glass... unlike his assistant. While there one thanked him for his lecture on getting a breast exam. Though to be honest you could die while waiting for an appointment. It will be another three weeks before there is an appointment space... unless someone drops off the perch before then L

He was still in a right royal funk about the game. To be honest He rarely gets angry... well you couldn't living with some like oneself, otherwise one small slave would be long dead... but it did make for unpleasant company for the day. In fact His anger made one feel more than a little blue in response. It's not a rational thing, but it is very hard knowing that this situation can't be fixed and as a person one is rather fixer orientated.

In brighter news the missing butt plugs were found while cleaning out the lingerie. So it might not have been Him... and his suspicions might have been justified. But the hall cupboard still needs to be cleaned out... whatever he may think. It has to be done now because in a few weeks it will be too hot. Winter is over and the days are clear and warm enough for crickets to be out in the evening already.  Summer is on the way...
Not that one is looking forward to that... the bikini arrived L
And for that matter not sure why finding the butt plugs was a good thing either... no good is going to come of that L

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lil said...

I recently realized that very fact--one's chances of not dying before the necessary appointments are much better if someone else kicks the bucket first.