Monday, August 12, 2013

Even the mice didn't make it

We had plans to go out and forage and then come back to bed and stay there. After all we are on holidays and frankly we have been out every day of the week to the detriment of our sex life. It seemed a simple plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Well it was almost lunch time when we made it out the door for Yum Cha. Not sure what happened there, but it did involve a couple of clothes changes and still we managed to look like the odd couple. He looked like an overgrown adolescent with his Avengers t-shirt and bright red Chucks while one looked like the epitome of a well dressed adult. Again not sure how that happens, but we really need to learn to coordinate better... just not matching outfits coordinated.

Then we paused at a toy shop. We discovered a couple of days ago, as we looked for something for the grandchild, that we are not responsible toy store users. In fact after coming home with two large bags... the largest they have... filled to the brim, we decided that from now on we need to go back to the old system whereby His mother goes out and buys a suitable gift and we pay her for it. Two collectors together, faced with series of toys, are inclined to make... very few choices other than she can't have one without the other(s). Unfortunately there were a couple of pieces that we couldn't get... hence why we were at the crack house toy store once more.

Then there was a quick stop at the computer store, the cheesecake shop, the supermarket and the booze shop. We arrived home in time for cheesecake for afternoon tea... after making the bed and curling up in it to eat the aforementioned treat. That was followed by a post gluttony snooze. We woke up in time to cook dinner and watch something on TV.

Where does the day go He moaned and why does sex always get pushed off the agenda?
Ah well we decided to make food a priority. In the old days we would have...
Reaching across one opened up His robe and sat astride Him as he peeled off one's pj top
Squeezed this in before we went out...
Reclining back on the sofa one wriggled out of the pj bottoms; a process somewhat hindered by His face buried in one's cunt.
In fact we would have done this...
Climbing back into His lap one slid down his hard on
Before breakfast, after breakfast and probably while making the bed

We need to eat less He groaned, buried deep inside of one small sexually forward slave

He says that, but we all know he likes cheesecake J

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