Sunday, August 25, 2013


You know one said, surreptitiously stroking His new t-shirts as they lay on the lounge, these feel fabulous.  He glanced in one's direction.  And one does need some new t-shirts to wear around the house...
The glance turned to a flat glare which was followed by an emphatic no.
But they are very thin and you won't like the feel of them on.
I might He replied... there was a truculent tone in the voice
Have you even tried them on yet?

Slipping one on... just to see if it did fit mind... one small slave shimmied around in it
Get that off He growled
You know you won't like them on and one could give them such a loving home
You mean you will wear them until they have holes in them and they are falling to bits He retorted
 Well is it any wonder when He won't share them? Honestly the man is completely unreasonable L

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