Saturday, August 24, 2013

Having a second brain

Having gone to the gym and wrecked a large chunk of the body...
It was legs and shoulders day and it is the most gruelling of all the programmes. Not only does it engage one of the largest muscle groups it also heavily engages the abs and weakest body parts on one small slave, namely the shoulders. In the beginning it was tough, but as time has gone on and one has got smaller it has become not only a physical challenge but a mental one.  By the end there it is hard to stay upright let alone be effective. But one does digress...
One small slave hit the shower and plopped down on the couch to watch an episode of Lewis armed with snacks. There was a couple of cold lamb chops, a bit of blue vein cheese, an illicit apple and some nuts to fill in the spaces. Actually put on paper that looks like rather an alarming amount of food for a bed time snack... but again one does digress.

He emerged snagging a fig from a secret stash one had foolishly left out. Actually He raided the nut supply too, completely ignoring the glares of outrage one was shooting at him as he did so. The man has no respect for food supplies... but again that digressing thing.
After eating breakfast... His own this time... and getting ready He stood there mentally doing inventory of the contents of his bag.

Have you got your water?
Have you got your lunch?
Well here endith one small slave's responsibilities one said, mentally thinking wonder if He has his phone. Oh well it wasn't food related, besides He never forgets the damn thing unlike oneself who never remembers to plug it in let alone take it. He shot out the door doing the white rabbit.

A few minutes later there was a screech of brakes as He pulled up and bodily flung himself through the front door.
Guess who forgot His phone?
Slave fail... small shame face

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