Friday, August 16, 2013

Support down the hole

For a while now we have suspected that one small and increasingly difficult slave might be a bit gluten intolerant. We are planning on getting some blood work done next time we visit the doctors. Historically one always noticed that the stomach sort of blew up whenever too much bread or things of its ilk were consumed. Then on this diet, where a lot of the gluten based carbs were removed, it settled down. Except for free days when if pasta was eaten the body felt like someone had poured petrol through the intestines. Assuming that was not how pasta was supposed to make you feel, the food item in question was regretfully ditched.

Since going on the cholesterol medication that sensitivity has got much, much worse. To the extent that exactly six hours after breakfast, six seems to be the magic number with the stomach... one can always pin point which meal upset the damn tetchy thing... the gastric pain is excruciating.  It does not occur on days where one makes other gluten free choices, so one suspects that the days of gluten based foods have gone. Not that it is that grim in this day and age. There are plenty of carbohydrate choices that will do the body the world of good including quinoa, oats (if a guaranteed gluten free one can be found) and rice... who doesn't like rice pudding for breakfast J

Of course this means that there will be certain items that will be no more...
In fact one did helpfully suggest a list of foods that will not be found on the breakfast menu... ever again including, but not limited to...
Croque monsieurs
Bacon stuffed pancakes...
Not that those things are found on the breakfast menu these days, but the possibility is always there. Particularly in the case of the crock monsters (as one local whit dubbed them) which can be found just down the road at a local cafe.

You go girl... out of the room while I eat them, was his reply.
Umm... That's not supportive
Yes it is He said. Didn't I start that with you go girl?
Yes, but you added the out of the room at the end. That doesn't make it supportive at all.
Well I am trying to be supportive He said
Yeah, that word doesn't mean what you think it means.

You know one is starting to get worried about HIm. For such a bright guy, whose first language is English, He seems to be struggling of late. Perhaps that decoder ring and joke book they all seem to get issued with, emits some kind of radiation that attacks the language centre of the brain. Whispers that would explain so much... 


Sarah said...

We have a gluten free person in our family. It's not as difficult as it used to be. Because its become more and more common, it's easier to find gluten free things. But it is an adjustment. Good luck!
There are tons of helpful websites too.

Master's piece said...

No, it is much easier to find alternatives now and fortunately it won't be as big an adjustment as it would have been. After a year of eating clean most of the things that people find are the hardest to give up like bread and cakes etc., have already been removed.