Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Tonight one arrived home to find a present on the bench from Him. Now as many of you know presents from Him are not always thing that... well... any girl in her right mind would want. Some of them have been downright painful. This however, was different.

What was in the package was some lingerie. Again historically some of that has been cause for dread too. But this was completely different. This was just gorgeous. It is a deep burgundy/ plum lace mesh with tiny sequins to accent the flowers on the borders of the design.

There is a bra, knickers, fully boned suspender belt and a... not sure what you call it to be honest. It's sort of a bra, slip and suspender combination. All very sexy and of course all, well except for the bra, too hot to wear as the weather starts to crank up...
The man is a complete fucking sadist!

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ancilla_ksst said...

It sounds lovely! We definitely need a picture.