Friday, August 23, 2013

Breast torture

What are we doing this weekend He enquired?
Umm... standing there one racked the brain quietly trying to remember...
You know these questions always bug the hell out of one. He was there when the plans were made, in fact he signed off on them. How is it He never remembers them????
There is RPG on Sunday... OK He might well not remember that, it's his doomed game... and there is the mammogram on Monday, followed by the heady excitement of grocery shopping Tuesday... actually we would both prefer to be able to forget about that. And to be perfectly honest one would just love to forget all about the Monday appointment L

If it helps don't think about the mammogram as a health check He said helpfully, think of it as breast torture by a professional. He then segued into an impromptu bit of improvisation that rivalled anything out of that orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. It would probably make a nice change for them to not have to hear the usual complaints about how much it hurts.
You know just sometimes He isn't helpful at all...
In fact you could just freak them out and tell them that you've brought your own nipple clamps He added, warming to his idea.
So not helpful...
Wonders quietly if this is what they mean when they talk about not involving others in your kink non-consensually 


ancilla_ksst said...

That is exactly what they warn about! Still, it is funny to think about.
Almost as funny as picturing your Master screaming orgasmically like Meg Ryan.

Ps. Spell check does not think orgasmically is a word.

Fondles said...

on a more serious note, hope the mammogram goes well. I mean, that the results are good, not that you enjoy the heck out of it. but if you do, then it's win-win.

Master's piece said...

@ancilla_ksst He was very convincing :D
@Fondles Thank you... on all counts :D