Monday, August 26, 2013

Professional sadists

As some of you know today was the day for the mammogram and what felt suspiciously like an ultrasound.  It certainly had that lube like substance in common with one. The plan had been to do the tests and nip out for a spot of lunch. After that it wasn't an option. For the record Pink and Perk need more than two small towels to get that much gloop off.

It was everywhere from the neck to the ribs and from the armpits to the sternum. The only way to get it off was to run home for a shower, where the damn stuff proved as hard to get off as any lube. Water based? Like hell. Ewwwwww! Just ewwww! L

The mammogram wasn't too bad. Right up until she came back with what looked suspiciously like one of those things that you poke vegetables down into a food processor with. With a professional smile and not a note of regret she said now this might hurt a little. The breast was clamped under the damn thing until one was saying ow! Actually it was the third ow and it was louder than the last two. That's it she said cheerily and as she was about to walk away, and was conveniently out of range, she gave the damn thing another spin for luck.

Dear gods one suspects they are right...
If you find a job you like you never work a day...
You go on to become a personal trainer or someone in the medical field.
No wonder those guys always seem so damn cheery L


lil said...

Oh they are bad, bad, bad, people.
I was poked and prodded in terrible ways yesterday, and I can say with complete sincerity, that some people are far to gleeful about what they do.

Hope your results come back good!

Master's piece said...

Yes it is the note of complete glee in their voices... it's there right under the fake empathy :(