Saturday, August 17, 2013

The hidden cost

Part of today was spent finding last minute things for summer. Already the days are hitting 26 (78.8 F) and spring looks like it is going to be bypassed altogether. In fact one small slave has overlooked a personal preference for a sleeve in favour of sleeveless dresses 'cos damn the summer is probably going to be as hot as hell and failing that... long. Of course finding summer stuff in winter is complicated.

Most of our clothing comes from overseas so our seasons follow yours. The trouble is that here there are no seasons. It's either hot or it isn't. There is no gentle cooling or heating process. So while our shops are trying to sell us clothes for spring, as you would know it, the fabrics are too heavy, the shoes are all wrong and there are things like coats on the racks, when what we need is stuff that touches as little as possible.

Now generally one would make do with last years clothes until such a time as the shops get in line with the weather. Of course with the weight loss most of that stuff doesn't fit. Oh there is the odd skirt that is hanging on and the odd t-shirt... mostly stuff that was picked up at end of summer sales. Other than that nothing fits.

When you lose weight people waffle on about the heath benefits. They don't tell you about the cost. Having gone from a size 16 (US 12) to a size 10 (US 6) everything has had to be replaced... several times over in some cases. Bras have gone through six size changes and still haven't settled one suspects. It's not the obvious things that have had to be replaced either. Shoes no longer fit, bags are too big or no longer go with anything, stocking have had to be replaced, coats (for the three days of winter we had), jumpers, knickers (well for the odd time one remembers to put them on), jeans, t-shirts... the list is endless. Honestly you don't realise how much crap is contained in a wardrobe.

Has it been worth it? Well yes. It is nice to just be able to buy things off the rack and not have to find things in larger sizes that don't assume you are a giraffe. And shoe shopping is always a pleasure. But frankly if one doesn't see the inside of a shop again for months it will be too soon. Even He, the king of shopping (and squishing one small slave into clothes that are age inappropriate and miniscule in nature) is completely shopped out.

Of course His shorts, which we bought at the end of summer in preparedness for the hot weather to come, probably won't fit him.
But one isn't going to tell Him that...
No, far better He find out for himself...
Preferably when one isn't around to hear the swearing J

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