Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lost days

You know one went on the medication during the holidays to give the body time to adjust or to do whatever vile thing it decided to do in response to it. The first three days were fine... which was somewhat worrying... and then the headache began. Not headaches singular, but one long continuous headache. A headache that devolved into a large migraine for the day... of course it did we had plans for the day.

The trouble is that it isn't as simple as saying it's the medication 'cos it's August. Here August is a time of westerly winds and sinus issues. August is a time of abject misery for the most part. 
So guess it's time to go back to the doctors.

Groans you wait, one will go to the doctors and pay them good money to hear them say keep taking the medication...
Of course they bloody will...
They aren't the one with a continual fucking soul sucking headache
Walks away sulking... loudly

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