Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well this foot has put the kybosh on more than His preferred style of dressing. It has completely spiked our plans to go to America next year. Whether the operation gets done privately or publicly, we will not have enough holidays to go and one doesn’t mean we in the royal sense of the word. In all of this future planning the sad reality is that He is about to become nurse maid.

Personally one feels this is going to be interesting and not in a good way. Apart from the fact that His cooking skills involve anything that comes in takeaway (most of which one has allergy issues with, not to mention no human should actually eat that kind of food) there is the small issue of Him responding poorly to commands, requests or orders. A trial run one instigated last night ended up with an icy cold Pepsi can being buried between ones thighs and genitals while He did it. It was not quite the caring professional attitude one was hoping for and it did lead one to wonder if our fridge needs to be turned down.

Mind you He is nothing if not adaptable; not only has He decided that a Thursday morning flogging is in order, He is planning on what underwear one is going to be wearing. The idea of one scampering down the road to work with an abraded arse rubbing against work trousers tickles Him in a special way. As does the idea of ordering one some knee pads... it seems He wasn’t joking about the idea of the crawling to fetch things. Most of all He is happy that this surgery, unlike the last round which was a hysterectomy, is not going to interfere with His carnal desires.

A theory He put to the test last night by coming in and dealing out the most wonderful slow arse fucking while ordering one to stay as relaxed and open as possible by masturbating. Not that one had any hope of an orgasm because it was day two of a migraine and there were enough drugs in the system to disconnect the brain and the body. He patted one on the arse when He finished and said see, nowhere near your foot. I didn’t even need to get on the bed to do it. Sighs this is going to be some holiday.

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