Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bigger is better

It is the persistent myth of some men that bigger is better and to be honest one is inclined to agree with them to a certain extent. Like all things though there is a point of diminishing returns. He enjoys seeing how big an object He can fit into a small space... like all collectors He seems to have a spatial relationship issue... and sex is no different. This is why one found oneself being fisted while He tried to see if it can be done as a double penetration thing. For the record it has limited applications on a human body... well this one at any rate.

It does give you an interesting orgasm though. One that feels strangely as though it is not being done by your body. Normally, when you orgasm, all the muscles of you genital region contract in waves that sync up with your heart beat. It is a pleasantly coordinated sensation. When someone has one hand in your cunt and several finger of the other one in your arse, the muscles can’t do that and although you are having an orgasm, it is like something is missing.

Afterwards you are left with the sensation of where the hands have been... well one of the knuckles to be precise. You can feel the muscles regrouping themselves into their rightful place. The endorphin levels drop and you become acutely aware of all the different parts of you that feel bruised. This is of course the time the He decides to relieve the tension... well His at any rate... by fucking you in the arse.

So there you are, on all fours like a good little slut, while He plunges in and out of you. An act that is causing a thousand different sensations of pain, that make you cry out and tighten up, and your body try to get away. He responds by tightening his hold as He keeps you in place and thrusts in more vigorously until He comes... Leaving you sore, bleeding, and dripping cum and miles from the nearest fucking tissue.

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Claire said...

You write beautifully, MP.

Funny... I never feel bruised until the next day.

Ms D