Monday, November 22, 2010

How does it feel?

Some women enjoy the whole Pap smear experience... apparently. Not one of them, so one will have to bow to His wisdom on the matter. Personally one is just happy that they only have to be done every five years... the upside (one of many) of a hysterectomy. Conversely He of course enjoys jamming unnatural objects into ones orifices, especially ones that can be cranked open. He likes to see things that are in secret places or hidden from view. Needless to say gags and speculums are some of His favourite things.

Lying on the bed while you are lubed up, a speculum inserted and cranked open is an alienating experience. It feels like it is not your body, which is rather the point of it. Having someone kneel between your thighs and ejaculate into you is even more so. It is impersonal, dissociative, isolating. You feel used small, insignificant, unimportant.

Just as him pulling it out of you, taking it way, leaving you alone does. It makes you feel like a toy... played with and discarded. It is very erotic this sensation of having been used and discarded with no thought. But then one has always found the strangest things erotic...

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