Saturday, November 13, 2010

The end of days

It is Sunday morning here and the very favourite day of the week. Not only is it a mere five hour shift in the mines, but the end of the working week for us. It is a day that is celebrated with little rituals; second breakfast (porridge first thing followed by bacon and eggs at the cafe, where the man starts it as soon as he sees one coming), He picks one up after the gym and we go home together, shower and have pizza. Oh yes, and one is bent over his desk while He inserts the butt plug back in.
The plugs are a kindness on his part as they keep his favourite orifice open and ready for him. Even so, He still makes one whimper during sex. To be honest though one rather thinks He enjoys the sound, as He grabs the collar to keep one in place while driving up to his balls, just as He enjoys one saying "thank you Master" after He comes. At any rate the sound never seems to stop him or even make him pause. He just tightens his hold and carries on to the end.

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