Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scorpio... very Scorpio.

At the moment one can hardly walk... stepping on the ball of the foot is causing excruciating stabs of pain... ironically not in the high heels it seems. So one is resting it in the hope that it is just bruised from the pounding it gets trotting around at work. To that end one asked nicely if He would hang out a load of washing. It was black washing so it just needed to be put on the line under the back porch.

Now, one is the first to admit to being a little finicky about laundry hanging... if you don’t put socks out in pairs how else are you going to know to look for its missing mate? He trotted back in to enquire about the best way to hang out a couple of items and then the voice floated in saying I’m going to have to put a couple of these t-shirts on the outside line. Now in QLD if you want to have black clothes longer than a couple of weeks, outdoors is a hard limit. Besides one knew it would fit ‘cos that is the sort of shit a house slave knows.

If one can get all that on the line you are in charge of lunch one replied. He quibbled awhile as we negotiated and in the end one hobbled out. Just tell me how to do it He says. By the time one has done that it will be quicker to do it... no control issues here... and in under a minute it was up with room to spare. Smirks

What’s for lunch bitch? one enquired sweetly. Well He says I can offer a gently toasted bun, with a flame grilled meat patty, crispy onion rings, shredded lettuce and BBQ sauce. We are not having Hungry Jacks  one replied. How about Italian... gently risen dough with a smear of... No pizza one interjected. Well I could get out the wok and toss noodles with a medley of seasonal vegetables and slivers of seafood and meat. That last one was an act of bastardry because due to food allergies, soy to be exact in this case, that last offer would lead to a two day migraine. Wails and one just adores Asian food of any kind... especially the noodles from down the road.

This is so going in the blog one said. Why not? He replied. You only put in the mean stuff. The other day  I even let you come first, and that was glossed over as you focussed on me beating your arse. It is a blog about a BDSM relationship you know one pointed out laughing. If you are going to keep making me look mean and petty, He says hand on brow... that drama degree was so not wasted... I’m going to use the last 600 MB of downloads and then where will you be... dead in the water.

Yeah, nothing mean and petty about Him at all... after all He does occasionally let one come first

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