Sunday, November 28, 2010

It’s life Jim

They have built a new house along the bus route and it is scary how fast they go up these days. It is big, beige and bland, complete with what they describe as architectural plants... which is code for long and spiky foliage. It sports a wealth of mature Dracaenas, Bromeliads, Philodendrons and the odd red Canna Lilly. That last one, unlike the others, is subject to an aggressive form of rust in this climate, which may cause them to come to regret that choice in the near future as they end up looking terrible.

So far, so predictably pedestrian... until they moved in the elephants, pandas, zebras and the giraffes. Yes, that is right. A life-size fibreglass (one assumes) herd, complete with a couple of waiters bearing trays to look after them. All of this is capped off with a smart brass name plate on the gate proudly stating “The Zoo”.

Which leaves us, the passing passengers, to wonder if this is his business, something to amuse a child or a response to beige. Whatever the answer may be, none of it explains why there is a zebra peering serenely out of the upstairs window, or why on a sunny day they open it and push him forward so he can get a better view. In fact in all these design choices, the only thing that makes any sense is the Christmas hats.

Update 04/12/10

They have added a sign saying "Santa Please Stop Here" next to the door. Please, please, let them have children. Otherwise they are going to be up for the "Strange Neighbour Award".


Unknown said...

Oh, yes--Santa hats on African savannah animals make perfect sense, mhm. *sage nod*

Master's piece said...

Well what else are they supposed to wear at Xmas? Easter bonnets?:)

Unknown said...

How about following the simple logic of them NOT being "Christmas" animals? Otherwise, they might as well have a display of a hyenas' sledge led by a red-arsed baboon. Granted, not quite the red nose, but who cares--right? As long as there is red and shiny something. :p