Sunday, November 14, 2010

Food fetish

When we first met He liked his women small breasted, cute and Goth. What was odd is that He ended up with one small slave because one hasn’t been small breasted since high school... and then only barely. Not to mention one tends towards well cut clothes and to be honest, cute is never a word that has been applied to anything other than ones arse. Anyway, we were in bed and an advertisement for "Nigella Bites" came on. He made this... what could only be described as a purring sound that caused one to express doubts that it was a sudden interest in cooking.

 It seems He has this whole secret daytime viewing habit that includes Nigella Lawson and Kirstie Allsopp. Somehow one has serious doubts that He has any real interest in either cooking or real estate, particularly as He rated them as his favourite fantasy duo, but one is left to ponder what happened to his perceptions of attractive. They are both gorgeous, curvaceous women, who dress well and are as far from Goth as you could get. Is this a case of tastes evolving to suit who you are actually sleeping with, or is this a case of as you get older comfort becomes of paramount importance?

If that is the case then why the hell is one spending so much time in the gym?
Oh right... that addiction thing L

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