Monday, November 15, 2010

Doing the time warp

Over the last few weeks we have been acquiring a collection of red corsets and assorted things to go with them and, as luck would have it, one simply didn’t have shoes to go with them so we went on the great shoe hunt. Stopping off on the way for some lunch, we visited this brilliant shop that always has the most eclectic things; clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. It isn’t a big shop, but it takes ages to find things because of the layout. It is a bit like a treasure hunt with things sticking out from foliage and under bits of furniture, and just when you think you have seen it all you turn around and spy something you missed.


Hidden amongst the racks was the most whimsical pair of shoes in the most lurid green and purple. TUK’s homage to  Coop's Bride of Frankenstein it would seem. As one went past them they lunged at one small slave and refused to let go... as shoes do sometimes. Of course one has no idea what one is going to wear with them, but since when has that ever stood in the way of ownership. Best of all they were a very good price.

Driving to the next destination we had one of our slightly odd conversations. Odd in the sense that He speaks girl, far better than one will ever do in some cases. We were talking about his Nigella fetish and how his tastes have changed. To which He replied that the brunette thing was not exactly new, in fact one had been brunette with long hair when we had met. To which one laughed and asked what it was about men and long hair. He replied that when people meet they are often younger and the woman is more likely to have longer hair. It gets cut as a practicality as time goes on... rather as one’s own has.

Bordello- TEE27/BR
We drove in silence... one of us praying to new found gods that He wasn’t going to order one to grow it long again. In this climate, combined with the gym, it would be unbelievably hard to maintain without dying of heat. We carried on in this fashion until we made it to our actual destination, where everything one fancied, one was after red shoes in either glitter or crystals, was unavailable... there are going to be some very disappointed elves this Christmas. In the end after about two hours we found something that we liked and a few more things besides... as you do.

Now some of you are probably wondering what sort of a saint would go shoe shopping for two hours like this... The thing is He actually enjoys shopping to the point that it is almost annoying. You will be looking at something quietly and He bounces over carrying things and saying did you know they had this? And it comes in all these colours, and I really like this and it would look good on you. You are starting to get a glimmering of why He likes to control ones image aren’t you?

Anyway, after trying on this and that He moved to the wigs cooing oh this one looks just like your hair used to. The heart sank. Here try this on He says thrusting it in ones reluctant hand. One pulled it on... it was even in the natural hair colour, a shade one doesn’t wear for a reason. Oh lord one looks like Elvira one exclaimed peering in the mirror, poking at the strands as they wriggled around the cleavage. He leaned across from the chair declaring I like it. It does look exactly like it used to. See you aren’t too old to wear it long or that colour. One small slave stopped breathing. We’ll take it He declared. The breathing started again... for now.

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