Friday, November 26, 2010

The strangest of things

In our work place you have a choice of skirt or trousers as part of your uniform. Either way the legs need to be covered so if you choose a skirt you have to wear pantihose or stockings. He decided that one was not wearing trousers, even though in a job where you are often up ladders and crawling around on floors they are far more functional. Add to this His antipathy towards pantihose and one small slave has been stuck in skirt, stockings and heels for the last three and a half years.

Now this wasn’t such an issue when one was only working one day a week. It was kind of erotic being shoved in clothes that were uncomfortable at best, but as one now works four days a week there have been some unexpected problems. In our very hot weather the stockings, which are the stay up kind, have often left large itchy raised welts on the legs which leads one to suspect that there is a latex component to the elasticised bands in them. You also go through a pair a week and the annual stocking bill is nearly $700 dollars a year.

Add to that the cost of dry cleaning, new skirts and the bill for new shoes every six months, one literally goes through the soles in that time running on a concrete floor, being at work is damned expensive. So after sitting down and doing the maths one presented Him with the incontrovertible truth, that we could not afford to do this and eat in the same week... especially as those cost were coming out of a part time wage that hasn’t gone up in nearly two years, despite escalating food costs.

The foot issue sealed the deal as the only shoes that will fit those special metatarsal pads are some very functional Sketcher work shoes, which are as ugly as they are comfortable. Strangely enough one has the shoes in a mesh and diamante form that is cute... unlike their full leather cousins. So off one went to work in trousers and flat shoes. Now you would think this was a win for one small slave wouldn’t you?

Of course it is not that simple. The girls at work were shocked to see one in trousers and all asked why one hasn’t worn them before because as one of them said, you have a great arse. Gotta love the women at work. Strangely none of this helped the feeling of being frumpy and not very feminine. Most of all, none of this helped the feeling of having disappointing Him. See the trouble with these relationships is they get inside your head and cause so many subtle changes that you don’t notice them, until you do something you know they are not happy with.

And worst of all those ugly shoes are not going to go with a thing in the wardrobe... So do we dress or do we walk? Wibble, wobble, flip, flop...


Dina said...
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Dina said...

I would think that between being able to walk (or having the damn feet intact to even walk on) and being dressed "femininely enough"--the choice would fall on the former, along with complete lack of disappointment about not having bloody tumours, caused by all the supposed "prettiness".

Seriously, woman. Get a grip. :p

Master's piece said...

LOL Gods woman you are so practical at times :D

xantu said...

Master and I have settled on the "look nice but appropriate for the demands of work" and then change to the "look nice and fit the demands of the Master" at home. I change when I get home. It is a good way for me to shed the "working girl" mentality and slide into the "property" way of thinking.

So I have work clothes and 'not' work clothes. Now there is an excuse to spend money. Two wardrobes.

Hope the feet treat you a little better with the more comfortable if somewhat less 'pretty' choices.