Sunday, November 21, 2010

All things bright and beautiful

This gorgeous Goth, tall and ample breasted with long black hair and a fringe of magenta and sapphire blue got on the bus the other morning. She was adorned with swathes of colourful flowers inked across her chest, down her arms and up her calves. What caught ones eye was not the riot of bright colours against her sombre clothes, but the fact that her feet were shod in the little flat cousins of the TUK shoes one bought the other day. Occasionally one suspects the universe is conspiring with Him to keep one crippled rather than comfortable because the flat option was not on offer the other day.

Telling Him about this yesterday evening He turned around and asked why didn’t you hop over and ask her where she got them, invite her back here and introduce us? Sitting there for a second considering these questions one replied is it bad that only two of those scenarios occurred? In ones defence one does have only child syndrome and sharing... well it is neither the first thought... nor the second or third to be honest. Hangs head... bad slave.

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