Thursday, November 11, 2010

A life of rituals and little joys

People often think that living 24/7 is impossible and one has often found that they have this idea of some huge scene that stretches off into infinity. Sorry to break this to you but... The reality is that most people in 24/7 relationships are very low on protocols and rituals. After this time we are down to a bare minimum... something about them making more work for Him rather than enjoyment. Now personally one loves rituals and protocol. They appeal to the highly ritualised person who lives inside just waiting to have a systemised life. Sighs sadly she ended up with a person who hates regimented anything. So we are basically down to one little ritual... on a Thursday morning, which is the only morning our paths cross on the working part of the week, one is to greet Him kneeling and naked at the door ready to take off his shoes. So if you will excuse one small slave it is that time...

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