Monday, November 15, 2010

Njoy yourself...

Last night we were both tired and fried and in need of an early night so about 9.30 one tottered off to clean the teeth with nesting instinct to the fore. As one went back past the office He said you are to go to bed and masturbate and I will be there shortly. Talk about nestus interruptus, but one toddled off to comply.

He came in and stood at the doorway watching. That looks very hot He said coming to stand by the bed. He reached down pinning ones arms above the head as He knelt between ones thighs and dove in without any preamble. Now a strange thing about having the njoy in, particularly in that position, is that during vaginal sex it gets rubbed, pulled and pushed through the wall. It is like being fingered by several fingers and it feels fabulous. For both parties.

He came without thought of anything but his own pleasure, patted one on the arse as He moved to his side of the bed, tossed his pillow into a suitable arrangement, gathered up his doona and fell asleep in a matter of minutes. Leaving one lying there feeling used, wide awake and turned on. Inequality sucks sometimes.

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