Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For the record

You whiney little bitches... you will not get bulky wielding a one kilo weight in a gym. The only muscle you are exercising is your jaw as you bitch and fret. In fact unless you up the weight at some stage, you may as well go and have a latte. It will do your bones more good. And more importantly you won’t be taking up valuable space on the exercise floor. The weight lifters aren’t standing around watching your skinny arses for pleasure. We are trying to get some space and use the benches you are resting your towels and bottles on.

It is important for women to do weight bearing exercise because it helps lay down the calcium that you need for healthy bones. As you age it becomes more essential than ever. All the milk drinking in the world will not help without the weights. For this reason it always gives one a thrill to see one of our older citizens in the gym. They are doing the smart thing that will help prevent breakage when they have a fall... and they will because as we age we get a raft of issues that increase our chances; poor eyesight, deteriorating hand eye coordination and generally being more unstable on our feet.

Those women one doesn’t mind helping and waiting for...

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