Sunday, November 21, 2010

Safe harbour

Winter in Queensland
Coming home it was blowing a gale with great gusting curtains of rain. Peering out of the window of the bus one decided to listen to the body’s litany of complaints and go straight home, avoiding the gym. By the time we hit the regular bus stop we were ahead of the storm, but our bay was grey and choppy rather than the idyllic blue it normally is. To be honest it gave one a perverse thrill to drive on by the stop.

Slipping in quietly one was surprised to find him awake and on the way to bed... poor bastard had to do Grandma’s 90th birthday. We were too strapped at work due to Schoolies  for one to be spared... well that is the excuse one is sticking to... there need be no mention of the undignified grovelling one performed for the manager so she would say the lie, so one could quite truthfully reiterate it to the people involved. See the truth can be a wonderful flexible thing in the right hands... We ended up having something that strongly resembled vanilla sex, which He blamed on the 19% vanilla component one scored on that stupid BDSM test that floats around the net. Whatever the reason it was rather nice; no pain, no denial and only minimal begging. That came later...

Later in bed, having completed the nesting rituals and laying prone about to reach out and turn off the light, He came in and sat on the end of the bed. Slipping his hand underneath and grabbing one by the pubic area, and proceeded to slap ones arse until one cried out in pain. Now one just hates that grab... you can’t move... well you can, but it hurts and every time you flinch from the slap it hurts. He laughed at the squeals of protest and pain. How else are we going to beat the 19% out of you He asks? It was only 18% one protested. I think it is on the increase He replied.

Bastard... it was only 18%

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