Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday night special

Normally Tuesday night is RPG night, a night of playing the wrong sort of games with our lovely, very vanilla friends (who we will return to at a later date because their relationship is just fascinating). We were however, stood up by them due to a household of illness... we keep telling them that children are two legged plague carriers, but they seem strangely attached to them... and by 7.30 we were relieved, as all we wanted to do was veg out and not move. By 10pm one had given up any pretence of being awake, and was drifting off and rolled over to assume the position for sleep. He of course assumed it was an offer and made one assume a different position altogether, sliding out the butt plug and replacing it with something much larger. He held one in place with the flat of his hand between ones shoulder blades and made one beg for more until He came.

Lying there afterwards, butt plug back in place, awake, sexually aware and aroused one asked for permission to come.  We lay there together masturbating until He was ready to use his favourite hole once more, making one beg and call oneself derogatory terms while He gratified himself. When He finished the butt plug was put back in place and one was given permission to recommence masturbating. He amused himself by pinching, squeezing and pulling at ones nipples, while one whimpered and begged for release, until He ordered one to come in that voice that brooks no argument. Drifting off to sleep that little logic voice said you know that is going to hurt... That voice needs to die.

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