Friday, November 19, 2010

Too slavey for you

Mooching around on Fet one often comes across people grumbling about some people being too slavier than thou. In many cases the cause of the friction is that you have two people who are in very different places, trying to communicate in a medium that is fraught with issues. The written word is open to various interpretations because every one reads things with this little voice in their head. Unfortunately that voice, rather like your eyes, is not to be trusted. Personally one thinks there is an easy answer to this thorny problem.

We need to have standardised testing just like any organisation does when it wants to promote an image. To that end this company has even created badges. You can imagine them on a sash... one thought a waist sash, more like the Egyptians used, rather than the traditional chest one... breasts always make them stick out on odd angles. This way there will be no more argument... you will be able to look at their sashes and go oh, see you got the violet wand badge... that is such a tough one to get. Or you will be able to look at them, smiling sympathetically, and go oh still only got the fisting one, as you mimic this wide with your hands to a nearby friend. Mind you there will always be the exhibitionist that will have them sown on to the skin directly but... it is a competitive field.

Of course there will be some one hopes to never get... anything to do with electricity... but that well documented dislike will not be enough to protect one... hopefully the prohibitive cost of the equipment might. Perks up at that slim hope...

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