Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Death wishes

There are some slaves that are very service orientated and one is sad to say... not really one of them. And it is moments of illness that make one realise how far one would have to travel to be one of them. See the sight of Him lying there, ill, helpless and fractious doesn’t stir those latent slavish/ maternal instincts at all... quite the opposite to be honest. It seems to alert all the predatory instincts instead.

In fact rather than eyeing Him with compassion, one eyes Him rather like the cat does a human target. There is a cool, measured detachment... and an underlying sense of annoyance. The leash has slipped, and one is measuring that feeling of freedom and power. And that power is largely where the sense of annoyance is coming from one suspects. Seriously, if one had wanted power it would have been wrested from His hands years ago... He really shouldn’t give it back, even like this... it doesn’t make one happy and it always gets ugly.

The other part of the problem is that we have a very different approach to being ill. As a person one will go to the doctor, take their pills and generally follow their advice. Back home one wants regular meals, bad TV and to be left alone... unless the shows are really bad... then you may come in and tap dance. Apart from that one wants sleep, lots and lots of sleep. Afterwards one will work like a navvy to get back on top of the health and fitness pile.

He is the opposite, resistant to going to the doctors until it is too bloody late, doesn’t want to take meds, won’t drink the copious amounts of water they recommend and wants company. Dude you are sick... what makes you think one wants to be in the same room as you? Hello, that’s how you got sick in the first place. And for that matter, what makes you think you are getting that food treat when you have high blood pressure? Yes you do have a headache... virus and high blood pressure... take the freaking Panadol and have a shower.

No, one is not going to take the command of show me your cunt seriously. Probably should, but no... And you are too sick to do anything about it. Hmm, yes you will get better... calculates odds of pain versus the joy of rebelling... here, see it looks just like it did last time you saw it. He says one is like Nurse Ratchet with PMS (sorry; and a tooth ache). Personally one thinks He is underestimating how close He is to a coup d’├ętat. He is weak and ... Bad slave... must stop having these bad thoughts... must stop  L


Donna said...

First of all, I have been a lurker, loving your writing style and really appreciating what you have to say. My apologies for not speaking up sooner. On this matter, I find I can remain silent no longer. WTF is up with the way so many men seem to relish being sick? To be perfectly honest, I've had major surgeries with less drama than my husband creates with a head cold. Please! It's not a tumor! Blow your nose, take an aspirin, pull up your big boy underoos and get on with life.

Perhaps if you share this post with your Sir, he might be feeling a bit more appreciative about the loving care you are providing.


Master's piece said...

LOL Rather suspect one redefines "loving care" but... one will leave you with this pearl of wisdom from the Aunt- Men don't get sick. They die... loudly and long :)

Anonymous said...

"He is weak, and..." ROFL!!!

Better make it quick, piece, he'll be on the mend before you know it.

Arianthe said...

"Seriously, if one had wanted power it would have been wrested from His hands years ago..."

Nothing wrong with reminding him of this occasionally...

Ms D

Storm said...

Lol. The words "loving care" have a whole new meaning to me now.

MsSparkles said...

Oh fucking fuck piece, I hate the way you have this bloody psychic ability to somehow target the very thing I've been uncomfortably musing (about 90 mins ago this time to be precise).

You see, it could be (and indeed is) claimed that I'm off the chart service orientated in some ways. Not the normal pretty slave ones obviously, but perhaps in some other areas of my personality. So there I was this morning, grumpily thinking about this & debunking the theory nicely in my head because what do they know...? and then you write this.

And there is a slight chance that when anyone is ill I feel all overwhelmed with the urge to look after them, which by your reasoning gives me another sodding 'service' response.

You're a bloody sadist even when you don't try woman. Kudos x