Monday, January 24, 2011

Nurse Ratchet... only worse

At this moment He is sick. It all started innocently enough; He couldn’t breathe which in an asthmatic does sometime happen even if it is only brought on by the cold or too many milky treats. So after 24 hours of the inhaler and no real improvement, one suggested it might be time to go to the doctors. OK it was more telling Him not to be an obstinate dickhead and just bloody well be responsible... there might have been more. It wasn’t pretty, but it finally got through and off He went.

Now the thing you have to understand here is that as a rule if you want to be a dickhead it is your choice. If you want to be a dickhead and it may end up at the hospital in the middle of the night one will get nasty. Sleep is a really important thing to one small slave who doesn’t drive. Besides just occasionally someone has to be the responsible adult and if you leave that big a chink, one will drive the truck through it. No control issues here...

Upon returning He has a fist full of scripts and paperwork. It seems His blood pressure is way too high and they need to check everything out... via copious amounts of blood. Later that night, after filling the scripts, it becomes apparent what is wrong with Him. The nose starts to run, the eyes start to glaze over, the hot and cold sensations appear and the whining begins. That’s right; He is coming down with the dreaded man flu.

Of course the ironic thing is that with the high blood pressure He can’t take the nice medication that makes all the symptoms disappear. Oh no He gets to have the flu experience in all its snuffling, sneezing and tissued glory. And one small slave gets to live vicariously through His suffering. Mind you on the bright side, there will be no beatings today... He doesn’t have enough air J


Dina said...

You. Are. Awful. AWFUL.

P. S.: This, however, may be a good time for those movies I've mentioned yesterday. I have them all subbed up, by the by, so we only need to negotiate the transfer method. ;)

KellyRed said...

I heard that secret little "ha,ha,ha" all the way over here. Be very careful or He might hear you too.

Master's piece said...

Dear KellyRed,
Thank you for tossing one so elegantly under the bus. It gives one such a warm glow... though it will probably pale into insignificance after that handy bit of flagging.