Monday, January 3, 2011


In this climate sex becomes complicated. Currently it is floating at about 80% humidity with a gentle 31C (about 87F).The humidity makes you drowsy and the heat just saps your will to do anything that is going to make you more sweaty. To be honest the only way to have sex without air-conditioning is the shower... or the pool.

The trouble is in this weather one likes to shower 2-3 times a day when not working, and it is not a safe place for one small slave. This afternoon one scampered in there with visions of a cool shower and washing the hair, with Him in hot pursuit. Needless to say in the confined space of the bathroom He caught his prey. One small slave was pressed unceremoniously against the cool wall tiles of the shower, as He forced his way into an arse that was still recovering from the reaming it had received the night before.

After He came with a final thrust and one had said thank you politely, one was left to pursue the original goal... somewhat stickier than before. Upon emerging cleaner and conversely wetter, one was bent over the desk and the butt plug was put firmly back where it belongs. So here one sits; plugged, heavier to the tune of about 220gms (16oz), horny and in no doubt about whom owns what around here. Why is it that things that are for your own good never seem to be at the time?


Claire said...

Do you end up with a bruised cheekbone from having your face mashed against the tiles? I always do.

Ms D

Master's piece said...

Ah now you see all those push ups have paid off... one uses those muscles to brace oneself ;)

MsSparkles said...

That disappoints - a bruised cheekbone would make it hotter.

Bad me.