Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our little group on Fet has spawned more splitter groups than any other and today yet another one was formed. Why? Well we didn’t make her feel special enough; despite pointing out that interested people were welcome. And you know what, that is OK. We have no issue with her stomping off and starting her own group, in fact we wish her well because it will give us somewhere to send those people who do not fit our group’s definition.

What makes one shake the head in disbelief is the way they go stomping off whining to anyone who will listen about how we made them feel. Actually the venting part isn’t so bad, it is supposed to be good for you, it is the way they never tell the whole truth that bugs the hell out of one small slave. They omit to mention that they joined a group primarily for co-habiting relationships, despite the fact they clearly state on their profile that they will never be living with their owner (and rarely see them as far as one can tell). The small issue of them being in a poly relationship is cited as the reason that they were rejected... which if that were the case, is going to make membership for those who are in poly relationships somewhat difficult.

They whine loudly about how we made them feel less than (insert adjective here) and that we discriminated against them. The first part... if it is that easy to give your power away then sweetie you need to be owned for your protection. The second... yes we did. We do it so we are not overrun by people who feel that they are X, Y or Z. Since when did feeling that you were something, make you something?

Is this a by-product of living in an age where we use personal pronouns and emotions to take ownership of an event? We live in an age of psycho babble and talk shows that encourages us to feel and own things, but one is a left a little unsure how we started taking it to the next level. When did our feelings start shaping our reality? Is this just an online phenomena or do people do this in their real lives as well? If that is the case then we are doomed to never get off the analysts couch and become the Prozac nation that people have been warning us about for years.

The reality is that you can call yourself Princess Pinkie-bluebell and feel that you are next in line for the throne. It doesn’t mean that you are going to get the damn thing, nor does it mean that people are going to bow down and call you Your Majesty. And lastly while we are on the topic... it doesn’t mean we have to want to play with you either. The sad fact of life is that feeling like you should belong, doesn’t make everyone agree with you.

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