Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It started with a kiss

Well one did intend to go to the gym... honest. What happened was that He kissed one small slave. Now you are just sitting there thinking so what, aren’t you? Well some things you need to understand. Firstly He is not big on kissing... though not sure why as there is something about the way He holds you in place, as his tongue impales you that is very... Let’s just say it works shall we?

Secondly one isn’t big on kissing either, though the ex who is deceased was damn good at it too... but one digresses. It is hard to explain... without coming across as the biggest germaphobe on the face of the planet. Have you any idea how dangerous the human mouth is? Seriously, while that is not the reason, it does sort of flick around in the back of the mind.

Really it has more to do with the whole psychotic ex who used to try to smother one with a pillow as one slept. There is something about things near ones face that although not a trigger, are subconsciously avoided. Well one blames him, but it predates that even if one thinks about it. The guy before him was the first guy to kiss one small teenager.

 It was completely unexpected, and one was left with the overwhelming feeling that it was an unpleasant sensation to have someone loom out of nowhere and dive on you. See like most things one did everything backwards; first came sex and then came kissing... honestly they need to give out guide books for this stuff. It is a nightmare to negotiate this stuff at 16 and from what one sees it doesn’t get better.

Anyway back to Him and being pinned to the bed with his tongue down the throat, one hand on a nipple and the other buried in a small wet cunt. One couldn’t breathe. And as one is thumping Him on the shoulder in an effort to escape, the wheezing starts and then that bloody coughing begins. Fortunately He had released one by then... ‘cos while one still hasn’t nailed the whole kissing etiquette thing, one deeply suspects coughing into someone’s mouth is not considered good.

As the breathing comes back one says you know that whole kissing thing works. Why don’t we do it more often? Hell when was the last time we did it? He shrugs and says well to be honest I doesn’t want to encourage that 19% vanilla thing. For the last time, it was 18%. The upshot of all of this is that one realised... OK admitted to oneself... that if one couldn’t get enough oxygen to kiss, with then one was probably not quite ready to go back to the gym.

On the bright side He did let one have one hell of an orgasm while He fucked one in the arse with long, deep strokes. As one tumbled over the edge screaming thank you, with a lot more fervour than one normally employs might one add, He came with that lovely rhythmic pumping that feels unbelievably good as you spin along the orgasm. Of course it killed any remaining vestige of resistance one might have been harbouring to not going to the gym... You see all that is needed to upset the best laid plan is a kiss... and an orgasm.

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